News 4/27/17

News 4/27/17


Due to Mother’s Day, Graduation and Memorial Weekend there will be no potluck in May.

Blood Pressure

Do you know your numbers? It can save your life. Screening is the 3rd Sunday of each month after worship.

Thank You

Thank you to the family of Jan John for the gift of a stair lift. It will now make our church more accessible to those who have trouble with stairs. No longer do people have to miss worship because they do not have access to restrooms or a fellowship dinner because of the stairs to the fellowship hall.

Check Out Our Website

Vinnie Pasho is updating our presence on the web and we are sure you’ll like what you see. It will be more user friendly, new links, pictures and happenings. Plans even call for sermons online. Either go to or search for Lakeview United Methodist church.

Children’s Ministry

Coordinated by Alicia Pasho.

Children go to their own worship experience following the Children’s message in morning worship. This is designed for children of all ages.

Important Dates

Important Dates

May 14th

Join us as we honor our mother’s and those who have been like mothers for all their sacrifices and for giving us the gift of life whether they are still living or alive only in our hearts. Mothers play a very important role in Scripture, especially the mother of Jesus.

May 28th

This year Lakeview will honor the accomplishments of Marissa Maeweathers and Malique Palmer. We are very proud of these two young adults and pray for them as they prepare to enter the next part of their journey.

We will remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We will also remember our loved ones and friends who have gone ahead of us. Worship will be filled with memories and patriotic music.

Pastor’s Message 4/27/17

Pastor’s Message 4/27/17

One of my favorite pass times is walking. I do it partly for health reasons. It helps lower blood pressure, it is good for the mind, muscles and your state of mind. But the primary reason I enjoy walking, whether on the bike path or in the mall on cold or wet days is that I meet all sorts of people. As I write this I am thinking of all the people I met today. It was a cold and wet so it was off to the mall. I saw teens, older adults, women and men. I saw people stop to browse in a store. I saw people working in the food court. I saw security personnel. I saw people who were hired to keep the mall clean. I saw Hispanic, Black, Asian, one Native American family, etc. I stopped to visit with a man from Israel and we talked about all the places I have been in his country. He was an Israeli Christian. I spoke to several Muslim women. I am convinced I met several who would not profess a religion. There were some affluent persons and I know there were some who didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Their ethnicity, religion (or lack of), their financial situation, etc. make no difference. Their name is simply “Child of God.” Not one person was ever created by anyone other than God. Hence, they all deserve our respect and our kindness. We are called to treat all persons as if they were Jesus in the flesh. Remember, He was homeless, spit on, kicked, beaten and crucified. The next person you see, say silently, “There goes Jesus.”

Outreach Possibility

Outreach Possibility

After our recent neighborhood soup/sandwich dinner, the idea was floated to have it on a monthly basis. It would need to be the same day each month so our friends would easily remember. However, this a large project and cannot be done by the Outreach Committee alone. It will take a large commitment from individuals. Possibly 2-3 teams of 6 or more people to be in rotation. That way you would not have to serve each month. If you are interested speak with Bobby Dasher. That will help in making a commitment from the church.