From the Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor’s Pen

As I think about what I might say to you in this brief article, there are a number of things that rush into my mind. Yet, one thing keeps crowding out everthing else.

That one thing is the war we are fighting with evil. The evil I am talking about isn’t a foreign army or terrorists. This evil is about a battle for the hearts and minds of people. People are not inherintly evil. People are not born to commit murder, rape, selling drugs to children, etc.

Every person is created by God and what God creates is good. So, what happened? Well, it’s the enemy of God, and we can choose to be bystanders or join in that fight for our families, our children, and our souls. If the Church of God does not rise up, then who will?

We cannot allow eveil to have our families our children and our lives. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have, so let’s all pray without ceasing. And let us show the world that love is more powerful than evil.

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