In Other News


Soon we will be offering a training class for those interested in being part of an Emergency Response Team through the United Church. Teams are called to a variety of emergencies from floods to fires, and others. Be watching for more.

Lay Servant Training April 27

Currently both Nestor Perez and Johnnie Jones have been through some of the courses offered for Lay Persons. The church needs your gifts and graces. If you are interested the classes being offered are: The Basic Course, Leading Bible Studies and Leading Worship. You must have the basic course first. Training will be held at St. Luke’s in Lincoln.

Walking the Walk

Now that the weather is getting warmer, Pastor Ray is inviting you to be part of “Walking the Walk,” which means we will be visiting every home within several blocks of the church. Pastor has written a letter about the church which will be given to each home. It talks about our ministries and more. If nobody is home we will leave the letter in each door. If interested please talk to Ray.

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