Roca Berry Farm

Roca Berry Farm

After church service on October 29th a few kids from the youth group took an outing to Roca Berry Farm. Jack, Christopher, Samantha, and Aubree made the trip. Based on the smiles in the pictures below, I think they had a great time.

Haunted House

The kids visited a few haunted houses. Including this one!

end of the slideThere were plenty of slides to go down, and some not so graceful landings.
Goat stealing a snackNext, they went into the petting zoo where the goats would steal the food directly out of the vending machine. Samantha had a hard time keeping them away.
Moon bounceOf course you have to get on the moon bounce.
riding the zip lineThe unanimous winner for best activity was the zip line. All four kids went down! Here is Jack zipping towards the bottom.
kids showing off their pumpkinsEveryone had a fun time and got to take home a pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!

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